Change the Fan Direction in Summer to feel cooler

Setting your fan to push air down from the ceiling. Typically you should normally be able to raise you thermostat by 3°F or more without feeling hotter. In the cooling season be sure to save even more by turning the ceiling fan off when no one is in the room. Moving of the air keeps the person cool by the moving air. It provides a minimal effect in the overall cooling of the room.

Choosing and Installing a ceiling fan.

So you are looking to have a ceiling installed to help save on your energy costs. Selection of the right fan size is a start. Look for the the largest size that will work for your room. Sizes range from about 30 inches to 52 inches and bigger in commercial sizes. You can get it with light kits, remote and smart home control.

Installation is next. Unless you are replacing an existing ceiling fan, it is recommended to have it initially installed by a professional or licensed electrician. Without the proper support you may be rudely awakened by a huge crash if it falls out of the ceiling.

Using your Ceiling Fan to Maximize Savings.

  • Push your thermostat up a few degrees. Your ceiling fan will have a minimal effect on the temperature in the room, but it can help circulate the cool air. Your ceiling fan will be able to help you feel cooler with the movement of the cooler air around you.
  • Turn off fans when you leave. There’s no use moving air around in a room that is unoccupied.

Start Saving on your overall energy bill.

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