About Us

Maria & Paul Truman

Independant Ambit Consultants

A Little About Us and our Business

Maria and I have three daughters. Katelynn, Victoria & Ashley. We have been in our Ambit Energy Business for about 12 years. It all started when we were just shopping around for a new energy provider when PP&L allowed us to shop. Since then, we have earned free energy, a monthly residual check and some cool weekly bonus checks.

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How about upgrading the energy services attached to your home?

Are you looking to save for that family vacation, college, new car, retirement or just a bit ore monthly spending?

Important message regarding earnings:

Ambit Energy makes no guarantee or promise of income or business. Anyone considering building a full-time or part-time Ambit business should have realistic expectations of their potential income. Learn more at goambit.com.com/disclaimer.