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Our Ambit Energy Business,

The Engine to Your Financial Freedom.


Maria and I are heading into our third year with our Ambit Energy Business as Independent Consultants. We never go out to work our Ambit Energy Business. Rather, while we are out we work our business.

We do not have to stock or deliver any Potions, Lotions or Pills as our product habitually used and never cancelled. No one unplugs their refrigerators or blows the pilot lights of their furnaces when they leave for work.

Nor do we have to chase down payments for our service. Billing and collections are all completed by the local energy infrastructure company. And we all know next to mortgage and rent, the power bill is always the first to get paid each month. Nobody wants to take a cold shower in the dark.

We have a short video for you to quickly review our business. We are sure that after watching this video you too will have a desire for your financial freedom. The old days of 401ks and guaranteed money at retirement are harder to come by. We are building our retirement funds with the savings and earnings with our Ambit Energy Business and so can you.

With recent exciting news announced about awesome incentives for new business partners, there has never been a more perfect time to start your own Ambit Energy Business.

Hey Maria & Paul, I would like to watch a short video and I am excited and would like more information.



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Our Ambit Energy Business is the Perfect Product. Here is how.

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