#Snowmageddon2016 – What are you doing to build your residual?

How are you spending this Snowmageddon2016?

Today was a busy day of just watching the snow fall and blow around our house. Days like these remind us how even though everything around us has shut down, people are still keeping their lights on, watching tv and heating their homes. All of this is helping Maria and I continue to build on our residual income. Why not, after cleaning up from snowmageddon2016, pull out your most recent Electrical and Natural Gas bills and let Maria and I gain your energy business. You can check out to see if Maria and I can save you by heading over to our personalized page. You can also give us a call and we can work with you over the phone.

Snowmageddon2016 - Just over 2 feet of snow and 7 foot snow drifts.
Just over 2 feet of snow and 7 foot snow drifts.

Well, Saturday has ended as has the snow. Our totals finished with a little over two feet with almost 7 feet snow drifts. I think I will wake up tomorrow and get my restored 1974 tractor running to plow our driveway. Just need to get it all finished before my teams’ webinar this afternoon.

What are your plans for today? Why not schedule some down time around 6pm, open your laptop and attend our teams’ webinar to learn how Maria & I earn our residual income. Shoot us a quick e-Mail so we may send you a personal invite.

Snowmageddon2016 could be the best time to start you on the way to your own residual income. Saving your family and friends on their energy bill is a simple business that everyone can be successful in.


Maria & I are independent Ambit Energy Consultants. We specialize in teaching fellow entrepreneurs how to save money on their energy bills and earn a nice residual income in the process. Our goal is to earn our financial freedom number and help as many others do the same. Keep up to date with our progress at http://OurAmbit.com.