Our Ambit – Our People Business

The biggest thing to remember is in Our Ambit is actually a people business. Be a people person and not an energy salesperson.

I wanted to pass a tactic I have been very successful with when approaching a prospect/customer. Always start with your list. Your list should be of people who are in you direct circle. Those that trust you not to steer them wrong. With working this circle first you can shake out your approach.

When approaching someone for the first time lead with a quick and urgent conversation. Your goal at this point is to get them to commit to a view of the presentation or live webinar. Start with something like this; “Hey I wanted to get your input on this business I am doing.” or “I really respect your opinion and would like to do me a favor and let me know you thoughts.”

You will probably get some questions to get more info before seeing the video. If so, I would reply with something like this “It is a bit much to discuss right now and it is still new to me, I’d rather show you how I learned about it. I have to say, it involved the deregulation of energy. You use electricity/gas, correct? Do you pay for it? Well, can we meet up later so I can show you more about it?”

This is called the invitation.

After setting up the invitation, contact your RC or up line to be ready to back you up on the business presentation. The three-way call.

For the business presentation I would use your link to the online videos. This is the easiest. Even better is checking out the schedule from our teams Online Business Presentations. This way our team is highlighted in the process.

For me the hardest thing to do is keep quiet during the presentation. Resist the urge to pause the video to elaborate. What I have done is have a writing tablet handy for your prospect to make notes and questions. Explain to your prospect that because you are so new to the program, you will bring in your business partner in on a call at the end of the video to answer any questions. When you are at the last  section of the video, I would open your three-way call. Your business partner should be the one who should be talking the most. Remember, you are new to the business and showing we have the support of our business shows your prospect there is always help.

After questions are answered you will be looking for one of three answers.

1- Yes, where do I sign up (at this point remember to be quiet and do not talk the business any further, you may over sell and loose the business partner) direct them to your business sign up page and help them pick out a name.
2- No, this is not for me. At this point ask them to do you the favor of helping you out in your business by being a customer.
3- MayBE. This one may be more of a no, but your friend does not know how to say no to you. With this one, I would ask “if they see the value in the business? Is it the initial investment? Would you like to see how I overcame the investment issue?” If you see they are open to your solution, ask them for them to make a list of 10-15 of their circle. Schedule them to work with you on showing his prospects the business. Work with them to show the business as their business partner. When they have a few interests ready to pull the trigger, it will be a no brainer for your prospect to put the investment on a credit card and have bonuses and sign-up MC payment received before the bill is due.

I actually have two prospects in, what I call my “MayBe Que”. I am working with them both to have a combination of customers and/or MC’s lined up so they can earn their initial investment back super quick.

Remember we have that Sign-up bonus ending soon, so maximize it to turn your May Be into a YES!

I hope this helps you in your business growth. If you want to discuss further feel free to reach out to me on my blog on http://OurAmbit.com

Have a Great Evening,

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