Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO)

Northern Indiana Public Service Company РNIPSCO territory added to our Ambit Energy service area.


As of this past Friday we have added another state to our Ambit Energy services. We can now offer our services to natural gas customers currently serviced by Northern Indiana Public Service Company or NIPSCO for short. While this is only one area in Indiana, NIPSCO services the northern third of the states residents and small commercial customers. Our Ambit upgraded energy services will continue to include bonuses to our customers like free travel and the best Free Energy offer in the industry. It is time to shout out to anyone family and friends in the NIPSCO area to let them know of our awesome money saving service.

Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO)
Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) – Map


These are exciting times to be a part of Ambit. With this addition and many more to come, including expansion in Ohio, our earnings are limitless. All while saving our customers real money on something that is habitually used. Let’s face it. No one will be taking a cold shower in the dark tonight or any night. With no product to carry or billing to collect, becoming an Ambit Energy Consultant is a great opportunity. If you would like to join Maria and I on the road to financial freedom check out our corporate site and shoot us a message for your personal invite to either an online presentation or meeting.



Maria & I are independent Ambit Energy Consultants. We specialize in teaching fellow entrepreneurs how to save money on their energy bills and earn a nice residual income in the process. Our goal is to earn our financial freedom number and help as many others do the same. Keep up to date with our progress at