MLM Genealogy Lists for Network Marketing – Should I Buy?

MLM Genealogy
The networking of fellow people

MLM Genealogy lists may sound like a great jump start, but are they really?

I just had one of my partners talk up Network Marketing MLM Genealogy lists to me. At first I was like what is this list? As he talked more on it I realized he was talking about contacts of other fellow direct sales and MLM members that were part of another MLM or Direct Sales organization. My eyes lit up as if I had just found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Could something like this truly exist? After out hour long conversation I asked him to stand by on taking any action before I did some research.

MLM Genealogy List Definition.

A google search of MLM Genealogy lists  responded with many PAID advertisers in this field and a great definition: MLM genealogy lists are simply the names and contact information of distributors from both defunct or existing MLM companies. These are people who have proven themselves to be interested in network marketing, and even get signed up with a company at some time or another.

I decided to click on the first ranked site that was not a paid advertisement. It happened to be after scrolling through their pages I saw how this could both help and hinder our business building.

MLM Genealogy List Education.

Getting a quick education on MLM Genealogy lists brought me an almost instant high. These lists are not just list of your run of the mill opportunity seekers. These lists are of people who have already paid money into another business. These are people that had some education on taking ownership of gaining their own financial freedom. This is an awesome opportunity. Most of these people will have an understanding of what a Multi-Level or Direct Sales Marketing is all about. You will probably not hear ” Oh, you mean one of those Pyramid Schemes”.  On the flip side I also realized that these lists may consist of defunct and existing MLM companies. The defunct companies may have left such a bad experience that they may not even want to hear from another company. And how would I like it if one of my fellow partners in my current business gets “Head Hunted” by someone else using these lists?

I am so conflicted right now. This has so much potential to be a major tool to build my business. As I continue to research another RED Flag pops up. It pertains to the DNC- Do Not Call Registry. I am on the DNC registry for my personal and business phones. If either ring and I answer a call trying to sell me something, by blood instantly boils and I am taking names and numbers to blast however I can. Taking the last 18 years building my reputation in my home based businesses in jeopardy by calling one person like myself on the DNC List, is not something I would like to risk.

MLM Genealogy List Action Plan.

I decided to sign up on their mailing list. I will also check with our marketing material to see if it would fit in our Ambit business. Their  prices were fairly comparable to some of the “Opportunity Seeker” leads I had been looking at. A few moments prior to publishing this article, I received an email from ExplosiveGenealogyLeads. It was for an opportunity to purchase a list from a defunct business. I am thinking of purchasing one, scrub it through the DNC registry, building a funnel on my site to work just this list and add to it. I will review the exact steps I took and share my outcome in a future post.

In the mean time, please fee free to share your experiences with list both MLM Genealogy lists and Opportunity Seeker Lists.