Free Energy Supply = More BitCoin Mining

BitCoin Mining with your Free Energy Supply

Ok, so you are one of our awesome customers that has upgraded to our Ambit Energy supply. You have referred 15 other users to upgrade to Ambit Energy and now receive an awesome credit on your energy supply on your bill. If the average use of the 15 referrals energy supply is equal or greater than your usage, your supply cost will be $0 like ours is. Now you can continue to just pay less or think outside of the box and turn that savings into BitCoin Mining.

I am putting a spin on the old saying “A penny saved is a penny earned”. I am taking my current energy credit earned by being a customer of our own Ambit Energy and turning it into a compounded income by BitCoin Mining. To let you know in simple numbers, our energy bill before our free energy credits was $326. After our Free energy credit our bill is $186. With a savings of about $140 I figure I could burn about 35% more energy (conservatively estimating) for my BitCoin Mining operation.

Now, I started to do some research last month on BitCoin Mining at home. My head is still spinning on all of the options out there. For now I will go over a few of the easy options and follow up with later posts on a bit more advanced options.

All of this starts with a place to hold your BitCoins. This is referred to as a wallet. For simplicity I have started with CoinBase. This is a great start and by using the link here you can earn a $10 BitCoin bonus once you buy or sell $100 in digital currency. Once you get all verified, deposit your $100 to purchase your first batch of BitCoins to get the $10 bonus. And a big thanks for this as I will also receive a $10 bonus to my account too. Next you will want to set up your wallet for BitCoins. Fairly simple. Select the Account tab then the Receive button on the BTC Wallet tab. The next screens will show a long alpha/numeric code. This will be the wallet you can use for mining. Print screen or copy/paste somewhere safe as you will need for the mining software.

The next step is selecting a mining program or rig. Again to keep it simple we will look at two software mining options. The first one is the easiest for those using a Windows 10 based machine. You can find an app in the Microsoft Store called Bitcoin Miner by GroupFabric, Inc. Once you download and install the setup is straight forward. Click the menu and input your payout address, the same as your wallet created in CoinBase, then click on start. This app need to be in the foreground in order to work. I have it running on all of my computers and laptops in my house mining to the same wallet. I am a person that already kept these devices on so additional electric consumption is negligible. Having my kids 3 laptops, my wifes laptop and my pc running this software, I calculate about $3-$4 a week in bitcoins. While that is not a lot, these machines were already on and idle and BitCoin prices are on the rise so not too bad.

On my non-Windows 10 machine, I am playing with a web based miner called EZ-Miner. While I am having a few issues with consistency, it does deliver, even in its FREE version. They have some options for increased production but if I am going to put money out, I want to own the hardware. A topic for my more advanced BitCoin Mining post. The one thing I do like is, even at their FREE Mining option, you can earn 20% of referred mining partners. Again, you may use my link here and I will thank you for helping me earn 20% of your mining efforts. My test machine for this is running maximized at all times and I project the ability to earn the minimum of the least 0.00100000 BitCoin to withdraw in about a week. This currently equates to about $12.

So, to recap. I went over how you can easily start BitCoin Mining with your Free Energy Supply as part of upgrading to our Ambit Energy supply. Step One: Set up your Wallet at CoinBase. Then download BitCoin Miner for Windows 10, set up and then start mining. And third the web based miner called EZ-Miner.

As I conclude, you may not be one of our awesome customers of our upgraded Ambit Energy supply. To remedy this, swing over to our Ambit Energy Supply page to sign up. Our rates are super competitive with rates in many areas at a Guaranteed Savings of 3% better than the incumbent EPSCO. Then with a few referrals through your own Ambit Energy Customer Portal, you too can earn a credit/rebate on your own energy supply bill.

Maria and I know that starting your own business is scary, but with Ambit Energy the process is easily to follow and super easy to duplicate with future partners. We will even show you how to recover your initial investment and earn a couple hundred dollars before the following Friday. Check out one of our prior posts to see how easy this is accomplished. -> Get Paid in 28 Hours – Not 28 Days with Ambit Energy!