Say HELLO to your new & complete cloud pbx  system.

Being an independent consultant for Ambit Energy we have a great system to build your business. A great resource of online tools in our Ambit Energy back office, three way calls with our superior leaders and a great website. But we need to rely on our outdated phone services. Either tied to an old land line or cell phone.

Now, Maria and I still have our old fashioned land line and a VONAGE line. Our use of both have dwindled with the use of our cell phones and unlimited voice and data. And recently our partnership (also our Ambit Energy customer) with Computer Cabling, LLC  opened our eyes to Cloud PBX and SIP communications. I am a techie and dove in to see what it is all about and amazed I was.

We are currently having our number from Vonage ported over to our new Cloud PBX provider. Ok, what is PORTING? With this new Cloud PBX system, you do not have to lose or get a new number, you can have your existing phone number transferred over. This helps keep your business communications totally fluid. No one will ever realize the change, till, you start showing off some of the functions.

The first function your clients will realize is your business presence when they call you. Your caller will be answered with an auto attendant. “Wow, this person is serious” thinks your caller. Now your caller can be directed to a combination of options. Now, if you are like us, you may be running your business from the kitchen table. So, your kitchen (old fashioned phone line) phone rings and you answer. But, what happens when you are in the car running the kids to practice? Well, log into your account and route your calls to your cell phone. Oh, Man, I forgot to do this… There is an APP for that. (I always wanted to state that). Open your smart phone to the APP and tell it where to direct calls for you.

We have just hit the tip of the ice burg of the available functions. Below are some of the other benefits.

Adapts to your business needs across multiple locations.
A robust solution that easily scales as your business grows.
Instant activation! Simple, customized set-up, and implementation.
Save up to 60% on your monthly phone costs.
Manage your business from anywhere. Smartphone apps for iPhone and Android.
Easy to manage and designed for end users.

Here it the cool part. Our Ambit customer, Computer Cabling, LLC. is a great partner and has asked us to help them in spreading the word of their partnership with RingCentral and their Cloud PBX services. We would appreciate if you would swing by their page and request a quote.

Get the same convenience and advanced technology with RingCentral’s all-inclusive communications solution without the bulk of an onsite PBX. Voice, fax, text, conferencing, and HD video conferencing—all in one.

Schedule a consultation with Computer Cabling, LLC.  They will be happy to answer your questions and show you how our partnership with RingCentral can work for your business.