Our Ambit Energy Affiliate Program and Fundraising Opportunity

Fundraising Opportunity
Our Ambit Affiliate-Fundraising Sheet

 An Awesome Fundraising Opportunity

In the past years we have been very successful with Our Ambit Energy business. Being an Independant Consultant with Ambit is very rewarding. With the fundraising opportunity we provide from Ambit Energy, we have been able to help our friends church in NY keep its doors and kitchen open during some hard times.

Consistent Income Potential

The Fundraising Opportunity that we offer through Ambit Energy is an affiliate program. This program is for individuals, organizations and nonprofits. We can help youth organizations, Girl & Boy Scouts, churches and even larger charities. This program is not like other fundraisers where your efforts are rewarded once. Our program helps you raise money month after month when constituents and others pay their electricity and/or natural gas bill.

Better than Candy Bars

Rather than just selling candy bars or cookies for a one time income, what if your organization made money every single month when constituents paid their electric and natural gas bills? The steps are simple. A customers only needs to sign up once with Ambit Energy to be the supplier of their natural gas and/or electricity.  Then as they pay their energy bill, your organization will receive income for years to come – every single month.


Your organization can be confident in putting your trust into this program. Ambit is a very successful company because they are not in this only for their profits. In fact Ambit Energy’s mission is “to be the finest and most respected energy company in the United States.” They are doing a great job of that and one of the ways that they contribute is through this Affiliate Program.

Very Competitive Rates

Every one of your customers will receive savings on their bills each month. In many locations the savings are often a 2-3% Guarantee savings. In addition to the savings all of your customers will earn travel reward points and even the opportunity to earn free energy through Ambit’s Free Energy Program.

This awesome program is available for electric and natural gas Customers throughout California, Connecticut,Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania,Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia and Washington, D.C. .

Below is a snapshot of what your organization will earn per customer usage on their energy. And to clarify, Maria and I will earn a very small percentage of what you may earn from each of your customers. So, Maria and I are vested in your organization’s success as well.

Fundraising Opportunity
Our Ambit Affiliate-Fundraising Sheet

If you are ready to energize your fundraising give us a call today.

Do you know people who use electricity and natural gas?

Would they like to save money on those bills and potentially earn it for free?

Would you like to get paid by helping your friends and family save money?

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If you just want to enjoy the savings on your electric and/or natural gas bill and would like to earn free energy, visit: http://siriusstarec.myambit.com/rates-and-plans Now available in: California, Connecticut,Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania,Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia and Washington, D.C. and  Don’t forget to sign up your small business too!

“It’s a fact, we have a better way!” Eric Worre, The Network Marketing Pro

Maria & I are independent Ambit Energy Consultants. We specialize in teaching fellow entrepreneurs how to save money on their energy bills and earn a nice residual income in the process. Our goal is to earn our financial freedom number and help as many others do the same. Keep up to date with our progress at http://OurAmbit.com.