Ambit Simulcast 2016 – Ambit $75 Consultant Fee

Huge news this weekend at our annual Ambit Simulcast – Ambit $75 Consultant Fee.

Brain McClure, Ambit’s number 1 income earner and 20 Million Dollar Club explained how $75 is the perfect number for most to join and become successful in our business. Brain, as do I, think the announcement of the Ambit $75 Consultant Fee is the biggest in the history of Ambit Energy. He goes on to confirm how I have always thought, that it is in our nature to look at any opportunity with “Return On Investment” on the brain. People are looking for a business tool to take them from point A “Initial Investment” to point B “Return on Investment” and beyond. This Ambit $75 Consultant Fee is the start of this business tool.

When Maria and I joined this business our initial investment was $429. Our first thoughts were of gaining ROI on our money. Our plan was simple, get 30 of our best family and friends to sign up for our Ambit Energy service. Well, about two weeks in we signed up 16 of our family and friends and received more than half of our investment back. Then things got tough. The next 20 family and friends on our list said no due to existing contracts or just not willing to change providers to us. We then had to change gears to get our expected ROI. We then worked on gaining a partner to join our organization. With our partner in hand and his fast start bonus achieved, we also achieved our ROI goal.

Ambit $75 Consultant Fee

Brain has a great idea on how to get an immediate ROI on the Ambit $75 Consultant Fee. And it is so easy. When you start to close on a consultant you will have one of three actions; 1, prospect decides to sign up – have them pick out a business name and input them into your organization. 2, prospect is not sure but will help you out by being a customer. or 3, prospect does not see our system working for them. Well, when you sign up prospect #2 as a customer, ask for a few referrals for energy. As you enter them into your system as customers, you can show the unsure prospect that he could have just earned $100 in fast start bonuses with as little as two of his referrals. If this is done in the time between Saturday and Thursday evening, and your prospect decides to become a business partner with you, you can transfer these new energy customers to them. And if they still decide to just be your customer, you have just gained 2 or more customers in your organization.

When this prospect is shown how easy it is to get started and earn a great ROI, building a business with you will be easier. After all we are truly in the “People Business”. This also helps to show how the prospect can handle similar responses from their own. With Ambit Energy the process is easily to follow and super easy to duplicate with future partners. Recover your initial investment and earn a couple hundred dollars before the following Friday and begin earning Free Energy of your own is all possible. Maria and I had shared a video in one of our prior posts to see how easy this is accomplished.

-> Get Paid in 28 Hours – Not 28 Days with Ambit Energy!

Ambit $75 Consultant Fee

Maria & I are independent Ambit Energy Consultants. We specialize in teaching fellow entrepreneurs how to save money on their energy bills and earn a nice residual income in the process. Our goal is to earn our financial freedom number and help as many others do the same. Keep up to date with our progress at